At Manalo Chinchillas we have the right to refuse any sale. As per hold policy, 50% deposit needed to hold an animal. Transportation to ECBC and MCBA shows are free. International shipping available - contact for quotes and details.

Feed & Supplement

Chinchilla Supplement

Premium Chinchilla Supplement - Ingredients: wheat germ, rolled oats, ground & course sunflower seeds, steel cut oats, bran, ground & coarse soya beans, ground flax seeds, and biotin.

$3.00 = 1lb

$13.00 = 5lbs ($2.60/lb)

$25.00 = 10lbs ($2.50/lb)

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Chinchilla Feed

We Now Carry Hubbard Tradition Chinchilla Feed — The first in Canada!

$10.00 = 10lbs ($1/lb)

$18.00 = 20lbs ($0.90/lb)

$40.00 = 50lbs ($0.80/lb)

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